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Vaidya* P. Vijayan (Vijay) is the founder of the Treatment House. He was born in 1962 in Kerala, South India. He represents the 68th generation to maintain the Vaidya family tradition.

Vijay treats people of all ages and cultures from all over the world. His work includes the treatment of serious diseases and injuries as well as general health care. Ayurveda has been practiced in Vijay's family for many centuries. The knowledge has been handed down through his family for 68 generations. One of the family's specialisations is the science of the Marma and Nadi System (a system of energy points and pathways). This knowledge allows Vijay to work in response to each individual's physical condition with a degree of precision that is unusual among Ayurvedic practitioners.

(* Vaidya is the title for a Traditional Ayurvedic Physician.)

Vijay was taught from the cradle by his grandfather, Tamil Pandit Vaidya Valayunthan Pillai. The science, handed down in sung verses, became familiar to Vijay through his lullabies when he was a small child. At the age of eight he started to learn the practice of his family's Foot Therapy and other treatment techniques. He later expanded on this knowledge through studies of specific treatment methods with other Vaidyas and Gurus.

At the Treatment House Vijay works with his children Athira and Achu, their sposes Vishak and Sandra, and an experienced team of qualified Ayurvedic therapists.

Vijay and his family prepare many different kinds of Ayurvedic oils and medicines according to traditional family recipes with high-quality natural ingredients.