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The Traditional Ayurvedic treatments at the Treatment House are very deep and powerful and shouldn't be mistaken with gentle relaxation treatments, currently offered in many Ayurveda centres.

The therapy procedure is tailored to each individual's personal condition. You'll receive one treatment each day (approx 60-90 minutes). The treatments are very strong, so one treatment per day is optimal for maximum benefit, giving you time to rest and allow the treatment to have its full effect. Some treatments focus on purification and others focus on strengthening, so the sequence of treatments significant. This sequence is designed specifically based on your physical condition and on your body's response to the treatment program as it unfolds.
The most common treatments are:

Vijay's Foot Therapy

Vijay's Foot Therapy is a powerful full body massage which has an impact on all tissues within the body. The therapist performs the massage with their feet, reaching the deepest layers of the body. The session concludes with a hand massage of the head and face.


The treatment is based on the Marma and Nadi System (system of energy points and pathways). It benefits the flexibility of the body, relaxes the muscles, removes body waste and blockages, supplies the cells with Prana (life energy) and balances the Doshas.


Vijay's Foot Therapy prepares the body for the more medically specific treatments that follow.


The whole body is massaged with muslin bags filled with medicinal herbs, dipped into warm medicinal oil. The treatment removes blockages and pains. The session includes a full-body massage done with the hands.


A mixture of warm medicinal oils is poured continuously over the body. The treatment purifies the blood and the cells. The session includes a full-body massage done with the hands.


The whole body is massaged using muslin bags filled with medicinal rice dipped in a mixture of warm Kashaya (herbal water) and milk. The treatment strengthens the tissues and develops muscle and ligament flexibility. The session includes a full-body massage done with the hands.


The whole body is massaged with a medicinal powder (instead of oil). The treatment activates the circulation, loosens fat from the subcutaneous tissues and balances the cholesterol. The peeling effect softens the skin.

Siro / Thakra Dhara

A mixture of warm medicinal oils (Siro Dhara) or herbal butter-lassi (Thakra Dhara) is poured on the forehead constantly in an even stream. The treatment removes blockages and tensions, relaxes the muscles and the mind and balances the Doshas.

SPECIAL: Cell Balancing Treatment

All women (at least from the age of 38) are recommended to undergo the one-week 'Cell Balancing Treatment' (special diet with medical drink) once a year as part of the Ayurvedic therapy. The treatment serves as a cancer prophylaxis.


In 2007 the Treatment House became officially 'Green Leaf' certified by the Kerala Government. This classification authenticates the Ayurveda quality standards.

Infos and recommendations

  • A 2-3 week stay is recommended. Some problems might need a longer treatment period.
  • If you plan to combine treatment and sightseeing during your stay, we recommend adding some extra time to travel around the country before the course of treatment. During the treatment period it's advisable to rest and concentrate on the therapy.
  • On days with 'warm treatments' such as Elakizhi or Pizhichil one should avoid the sun.
  • Ayurvedic treatments work slowly but consistently, with the effects continuing after the treatment period ends. The full benefit from the treatment can be felt 2-3 months afterwards.