At the Treatment House Vaidya Vijay teaches international students his unique Foot Therapy.

The basic course lasts 32 days (7 days/week). As the training is mostly practical the duration of the classes depends on the students' condition. The course requires a minimum of 2 students and can accommodate a maximum of 4 students. Students train by working on each other.

Training fees

  • EUR 100 per day/student
    including food, accommodation in a double room and taxes

Training dates

  • March 2019 (02/28 – 03/31/2019)

Training goals

Training goals of the basic massage course are to:

  • improve physical balance and develop sensitivity in the feet
  • train in the complex movements involved in the massage, using the bench and the rope
  • internalize the traditional sequence of the massage so that it becomes second nature
  • use your own body weight to adjust the pressure of the massage
  • develop your own concentration and contemplation

At the end of the 32 days, it is envisaged that students will be able to use Vijay's Foot Therapy independently and accurately with their own clients at home.